Our Process

  • The first step is to schedule an initial client/builder consultation to discuss the type of home you wish to build, the location, your budget and time-line.
  • Working together with our architect or yours, we will develop and finalize a set of house plans based on your design preferences and needs.
  • Based on the design and material specifications of your new home, we will work with you to develop a realistic budget based on the level of finishing you choose.
  • We will provide you with a ‘construction schedule’ to ensure you are involved in and consulted throughout the process.
  • We will outline our standard invoice and payment structure with you to ensure that cost recovery is both logical and timely.
  • We operate on a ‘cost-plus’ basis; this means we pass our builder rates onto you and then charge our management fee.
  • Once construction is complete, we will ensure that your home is clean and any concerns addressed before you take possession.
  • For your protection and ours, Shelby Homes Inc. belongs to the National Home Warranty Association.

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